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Amerphil Inc. has been involved in many construction projects in the Boston area and has maintained a diversity of clients and projects. The following is a sample list of projects.

Hotel at the World Trade Center
Under the general contractor of Morse Diesel, Amerphil joined the efforts of this new waterfront hotel at the World Trade Center in Boston. In this project, Amerphil Inc. entered a joint venture with A.A. Will Inc. and Webster Engineering.

Boston Water and Sewer Commission Emergency Repairs
Under this contract with the BWSC, Amerphil Inc. was responsible for the emergency repairs of sewer and water lines in the Boston Area.

Aircraft Fuel System, Logan Airport
In this project, Amerphil Inc. provided trucking services for M.DeMatteo Construction Company in the excavation of a new fuel line.

South Boston Interchange
This joint venture of DeMatteo/Flatiron/Interbeton is a part of Boston's Big Dig project. Amerphil Inc. provides trucking services for the removal of thousands of cubic yards of earth to various landfills.

West Campus Dormitory, Northeastern University
Amerphil Inc. assisted the general contractor, Turner Construction Company, with the excavation and utility work for a new housing complex for Northeastern students.

East Office Building at the World Trade Center
Once again, Amerphil, Webster and Will, J.V. combine resources near the World Trade Center of Boston and assist in the building of new office spaces for Boston's waterfront.

West Roxbury Landfill
Amerphil Inc. provided trucking services to M. DeMatteo Construction Company for reclamation/reformation/capping? of this landfill for the establishment of a community park.

Renaissance Parking Garage
Amerphil Inc. provided services for the Turner Construction Company for the building of a new parking garage on the Northeastern University Campus in Boston.

International Gateway (Terminal E), Logan Airport
Part of the Logan 2000 project, Amerphil Inc. assists in the modernization of the international terminal at Boston's Logan Airport supervised by the Modern Continental Construction Company.

Vent Building #3
This contract with Walsh Northeast, is part of the Boston's Central Artery project. Amerphil Inc. provided trucking services for the excavation of the Artery's third ventilation building.

Santilli Circle, Everett
With a contract with MRP Site Development, Amerphil Inc. helped in the modification of Santilli Circle, in Everett, Massachusetts.

Terminal Area Roadways, Logan Airport
Part of the Logan 2000 project, Amerphil provided trucking services to Flatiron Structures in the building of new roadways at Logan International Airport.

Jaharis Center, Tufts University
Under the general contractor of Suffolk Construction, Amerphil Inc. is helping with the sitework, utilities and trucking in the building of a new research center on Tufts University's Boston Campus.

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Washington Street Restoration Project
Amerphil Inc. is assisting the general contractor, M. DeMatteo Construction Company, in the restoration of Boston's Washington Street.

Residence Hall East & Parking Garage, Northeastern University
Turner Construction Company, once gain, calls for Amerphil Inc. assistance in the building of Northeastern's current project of a new residence hall and parking garage for its campus.

New Campus Center, UMASS Boston
Amerphil Inc. entered a contract with Suffolk Construction, for the building of a state-of-the-art campus center for students at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.